Scribd E-Reader Lending Service

The Scribd E-Reader Lending Service is to lend out e-readers for unlimited access to half a million e-books on Scribd subscribed by the Library.

Eligibility All EdUHK Students, Staff, Alumni and Library Borrowers under Categories A, B and C as described in Library Regulations 4.2.
Loan Period 14 days (reduced to 7 days if there are other users waiting)
Renewal Maximum Loan Period after Renewals: 56 days
Availability Checking or Placing a Hold Search for Scribd in iSearch


What e-books are availalbe on Scribd?
These e-readers provide you with access to half a million e-books on Scribd. Go to and you can browse or search for your favorite books and authors.

For Assistance
Read the Quick Guides for for accessing Scribd on?Samsung Tablet?online.? ? ?Please Call us at 29486653 or Email ?if you have further enquires.